Orthodox Women in the Healing Ministries
Jackson Michigan
Past Retreats
Past Retreats
Orthodox Women in the Healing Ministries

Celebrating Our Twenty-Ninth Year
1992 - 2022
(Covid year - 2020)

OWHM retreats can be heard on Ancient Faith Radio, www.ancientfaith.com.  They have been recorded since 2008.
2021  Dr. David Pawsat, DO
"Supporthing the Nous through Functional Midecine"
2020 - Covid Restrictions
2019  Fr. Dimitrie Vincent
   "My Grace is Sufficient for You, My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness"
2018  Rev. John Konkle:
"Vessels of Love: The Body's Involvement in Healing the World!"
"Praying with the Body"
"Praying in the Temple"
"Praying with the Heart"
"Prayer and the Acquisition of Virtue"
2017  Rev. Dn. Stephen Muse:
"Reflections on the Healing Partnership: Christ is in our Midst!"
"Lord, love the other through me.
Let me love the other through You
And be loved by You through the other."
"Now We See in a mirror dimly, but then Face to Face"
Reflections on vulnerability in the Healing Partnership
Lord, Love the other through me.
"Re-membering ourselves in Christ: The power of helplessness as an essential ingredient to the Helaing Partnership."
Let me love the other through You...
"Care for the Caregiver: Reflections on Eucharistic Reciprocity in the Healing Partnership"
...and be loved by You through the other. 
2016  Drs Daniel and Jane Hinshaw:
"Suffering and the Nature of Healing"
"Prayer and Healing, Lessons from the Life of Fr. Roman Braga"
"Touch and the Healing of the World, Exploration through Iconography"
2015  Dr. Silviu Bunta:
"Tending on God: A Spiritual Perspective on Healing"
"Toward a Spirituality of Care: Against the Reification, Pragmatization, and Depersonalization of Sin"
2014  Dr. Timothy Patitsas:
"Trauma, The Iliad and an Orthodox Perspective on Healing and the Soul"
2013  Dr. Gayle Woloschak" Science and Faith, the Beginning of Life"

2011   Dr. Albert Rossi:  "Becoming a Healing Presence"
2010   Maria T. Molett: "The Power of Forgiveness in Healing"

2009  Fr. Hans Jacobse:  "Secular vs Sacred"

2008  Fr. Thomas Hopko:  "The Death of Christ and Our Death in Him"
2007 Corinna Delkeskamp-Hayes:  "Love and the Scandal of Obedience"
2006  Archbishop Puhalo:
 "The Forgotten Mothers of Modern Medicine" 
                                                 "The Mystery & Meaning of Love & Marriage"
2005  Father Melitos Webber:  "Transformational Living"
2004  Father Dusan Koprivica:
"Living an Authentic Orthodox Christian Life in a Post Christian Age."






Recent Podcasts
Vessels of Love: the Body’s Involvement in Healing the World
22 Oct 2018 at 10:13am
Rev. John Konkle, M.Div., Ph.D.